An Unforgettable Experience with Elephants

Discover the Elephant Sanctuary Thailand and bond with a small herd of rescued elephants that have formed a family. Witness the elephants revel in their newfound freedom as they play, explore their jungle habitat, and communicate with each other through trumpeting. Come and experience the wonder and joy of these magnificent creatures firsthand.


'Saddle Off' Model

At our sanctuary, we adhere to the 'Saddle Off' model promoted by Asian Elephant Projects, which prohibits elephant riding, performing in shows, and the use of bullhooks

Ethical Elephant Tourism

Visiting our elephant sanctuary helps provide a safe and nurturing home for elephants to express their natural instincts without fear, and contributes to the ongoing conservation efforts to protect these majestic animals.

Observe Elephants Respectfully

Be part of the solution - spend time observing elephants in an environment where they are respected, not exploited - free to socialise, play, and walk in nature.


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